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Putting the Pieces Together

Five Areas of Language

There are five areas of language:

  • Syntax: Allows us to use grammatically correct sentences.
             The form or structure of a sentence that has rules to specify word, phrase, and clause order;     
             sentence organization; and the relationship between words, word classes, and other sentence

  • Phonology: Sound combinations.

Rules consisting of structure, distribution, and sequence of speech sounds and syllable shapes. Language consists of phonemes which are the smallest units of speech sounds that can cue a difference in meaning.

  • Semantics: Meaning of words.

Semantics is a system of rules governing the meaning or content of a word.

  • Morphology: internal organization of word

The internal organization of words that consist of morphemes, which are the smallest grammatical unit and is indivisible without violating the meaning or producing meaningless units.

  • Pragmatics: Social interactions.

Pragmatics is how we use language to affect others or to relay information to one another. It is also how we communicate in social interactions. In other words it is the way that language is used rather than the structure of the language itself.